Utopia, the Age of Light

The night is young and the hour late. The old oak screams into the night, as the death ravens make their presence noted. They sense the fresh blood and wait to feast.

A rider stands alone in the night, near the old oak. The horse hits the ground eager with his hooves, as if he sensed the struggle. They wait.

Two horsemen come into the glade, emerging from the mist. They breathe with haste, circling the rider. “Lord DragonHeart, our people were decimated. Enemy forces came through the Pass of Elders and ravaged our lands. The peasants were the first to fall. The soldiers you sent to aid the locals were shattered”, shouted the horsemen.

The rider looked up to the red moon, through the autumn haze. “The moon is red tonight. Blood will flow, for we stand tall in this time of darkness”, he said, staring at the horsemen. They stoped at his side and drew their swords.

“Call for the griffins. We take the Pass of Elders from all sides, until … “, he didn’t get to finish his words, for more riders emerged from the mist. They surrounded lord DragonHeart and the two horsemen.
“Lord DragonHeart, we heard TheLineage was attacked. As members of the Kingdom we stand beside you, our brother, at this time of great need. Ares the Hero, Grayson the Wise, Lady Nai the WarHero, Sparx the Sorcerer, Lord Timber the Swift One, Kavarf and Kjkd, the Stealth Ones and Sir Cork the Warrior are waiting for your command. You risked your avian life many times for us, now it is time to pay back our debts”, the taller rider said.
“Right you are Sir Ares, it is a time of need. Need to stand together before our enemies. My brothers and sisters, tonight we march to war. Let the Age of Light begin”, DragonHeart answered, as the riders followed him into the mist.

Post dedicat colegilor din Regat.

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  1. I hope that the tail ends with a glorious victory, and that the people of TheLineage are avenged in an honourable manner.

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